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Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

* Sun Star Shamanic Healing *

Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

(Formerly Hunter Healing Hands)

Annual Shamanic Ceremony

Painting of Pequot Warrior

Honoring the Pequots

A Sacred Shamanic Ceremony

for Healing and Honoring the Victims, Perpetrators, and the Land

connected with the Pequot War

"Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing connected with the Pequots, and the very fine story you wrote for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Everything you wrote down rings completely true, and I am very pleased to know of your work. Take care, and just wanted to let you know you are appreciated. May you have a good successful life continuing your work."

                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Michael Harner

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, July 2016

This is a sacred ceremony to honor the local Pequot Tribe, and for healing for all ancestral ties of all of the victims, perpetrators, and land spirits, connected to this war. Known as the "Great Swamp Fight" - The Pequot War was one of the largest and most impactful Native American battles in the history of New England - that finally ended in Fairfield (Southport), Connecticut, on July 13, 1637.  We cannot forget to honor the Natives who sacrificed their lives and their land. They were the first people, and they were greatly wronged on so many levels. We cannot change that the Pequot War happened; however, we can offer honor and respect for all involved. Ceremony includes shamanic healing work for all victims, perpetrators, and the land, in various forms, and is facilitated annually.  Jessica Hunter has been working with healing work connected to the Pequot War for many years.  Her focus is to bring awareness, healing, and respect for the first people in our local area, their ancestors, the land, and all involved in this war, through sacred ceremony.

Disclaimer: Please note this event is not associated with or sponsored directly by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation or any of its affiliates.

More information on Jessica's work connected to Pequot War healing can be found in 

"Honoring the Pequots: Healing War & Trauma through Shamanic Ceremony"

in the book: Shamanism Without Borders, 2nd Edition.  

More information on the book can be found on the "Publications" page.

Photo & Publication Copyright 

Society for Shamanic Practice