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Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

* Sun Star Shamanic Healing *

Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

(Formerly Hunter Healing Hands)

Jessica's Journey

Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

Shamanic Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanic Medium & Shamanic Spirit Communicator

Crystal Healing Teacher & Melody Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

Personal ~ Passionate ~ Experienced

Celebrating 12 years in professional practice serving the community

"I have always enjoyed working with my hands and being a hands on type of person; however, my hands do not do the healing work. The hand of Spirit steps in, and truly facilitates the magic for the client. I believe in giving credit where credit is due - and my credit and reverence is to the Spirits. For without them, shamanic work would not be possible. I have never been comfortable calling myself a "healer" or "gifted" in any way - so I do not -  I am just Jessica. I feel appreciative that clients have described my work that way, but those are their words. What their words are truly describing, is the magic they experience between themselves and the Spirits in session. I am simply just the witness and facilitator to support them in the process of healing."

 Jessica C. Buturla-Hunter

The Lone Coyote

Poem written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

I cross your path with laughs and grins

and a little bit of shenanigans

I am often labeled as the Fool

or Trickster, depending on the rule

My howl is heard from miles away

yet no one gives me time of day

For they fear my Medicine has no luck

as perception of "Trickster" is often stuck

But if you gaze into my eyes, you just may get a peek

of something that is often missed, and ever so unique

For what you perceive in appearance

is not always case at hand

One cannot judge the Lone Coyote

until they understand

Jessica has been fascinated with the spirit world, psychic work, and Native / Indigenous cultures since childhood.  She had her first Spirit experience at the age of 9, wherein she had an interaction with a Human Spirit at her maternal Grandmother's house.  A lover of nature and animals, she also spent many hours as a child playing in the woods behind the family property.  In the late 1980's, she began exploring different methodologies of crystals, psychic development, and different forms of earth based spirituality at a local metaphysical shop in Fairfield, known as "The Wizard".  Since then, it has led Jessica to pursue various types of practices, studies, and formal professional training, in a variety of spiritual and metaphysical healing.  A seasoned and experienced Shamanic Practitioner, she has been studying and professionally training in spiritual work for over 25 years, and she has currently been in professional private practice working with clients for the last 12 years.  She originally began as Hunter Healing Hands.  After an unexpected divorce at the end of 2020, Jessica decided it was time for a new shift in her life and her practice.  She has since transitioned and streamlined her healing practice to Sun Star Shamanic Healing  to honor both her spiritual roots and her main focus and love - Shamanic Healing. 

Jessica has always had a life long love and respect for Native / Indigenous cultures. She is passionate about their ways of healing, living, and their philosophies, and strives to respect that in modern shamanic practices.  However, her calling to her healing work did not just come with a love of nature, spirit experiences and love for indigenous ways and cultures alone.  It also came with walking through many different types "fires" of life altering challenges and traumas. Years of empathic, intuitive, and psychic challenges that greatly affected her physically and emotionally since childhood; chronic bone issues; chronic sinus and intestinal illnesses; a survivor of domestic violence in romantic relations; near death experiences that were horrible life altering awakenings; surviving the suicide of a beloved sibling, in addition to so much more. Throughout her traumas, Jessica sought out to receive a combination of both alternative and traditional healing over for her own physical and emotional healing.  She believes we all have the ability within to transform life's most difficult stumbling blocks into life's greatest stepping stones, to become who we truly are in the journey of life if we so choose, and are ready. Our deepest wounds and traumas can be opportunities as our greatest teachers of growth, strength, and empowerment.  For Jessica, walking through these challenges has not only been a learning and growth experience.  They also provided an opportunity for strength, clarity, a sense of reality, and an authenticity of being able to truly relate to another's wounding, pain, and challenges.  It has given her a unique combination of polar opposites that are wrapped into one:  the ability to connect with a deep and supportive sense of empathetic understanding, combined with the heart and strength, of the Warrior.  

Jessica's Focus & Passion

Jessica's passion in shamanic healing is dedicated to assisting clients in their life journey, healing process, and challenges; and to work with those challenges as tools for healing and empowerment, learning, and growth. As her own path to healing work came with various trials and significant traumas, she has a very genuine and very authentic down to earth understanding, and realistic ability to relate to her clients. She strives to come from both a spiritual and life perspective, honoring the balance of both in her work.  She has a realistic, straightforward, and practical approach - with honesty, quality, and integrity as her top priorities in her work.  She believes in being true to the healing work and the Spirits, and presents the healing to clients as the Spirits present - it in order to assist clients to be able to get to the real root of their issues and struggles, and obtain spiritual resolution with them. She has worked with clients in-person for many years from various areas of Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey, and has also worked with clients via Phone in various areas of the U.S.   In addition to private healing sessions, Jessica also focuses in space clearing work. She has extensive experience in working with properties with extensive traumas and paranormal activity. Her space clearing work has also encompassed a dedication to many years working with healing and honoring trauma and issues connected to the Pequot War, in spaces and on land, throughout Connecticut.  In 2022, Jessica was hired by the producers of the show, Ghost Adventures, to assess and cleanse a case in CT that was under investigation.  She has also previously taught a variety of students over the years in Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic Healing.  She is currently dedicated to private session work and space clearings with clients.   She truly enjoys writing, and has written a variety of published articles and poetry from the shamanic perspective.  Jessica is also a contributing author to the book, Shamanism Without Borders, 2nd Edition

Formal Training & Credentials

Jessica has committed to extended professional training in all areas of her practices and services. All of her training has been done in person and hands on in extensive studies over many years with various mentors.  Her approach in her work -  is a combination of her natural abilities and years of professional training combined.   A Shamanic Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, she has been dedicated to several years of professional shamanic training, including a 5 Year Shamanic Apprenticeship with Gail Gorelick that encompassed her Practitioner and Teacher training.  She pursued further Shamanic training with Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Nan Moss, and additional Shamanic mentors. She was also formerly an Ordained Minister with Circle of the Sacred Earth - a church dedicated to Shamanic practices.  A Shamanic Medium, she has also committed to several studies with various Medium and Intuitive mentors over the years. She is also a Crystal Healing Teacher and a Melody Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. She has an extensive background in Crystal Healing from many years of professional training with 5 different Crystal Mentors, combined with her years of experience in working with crystals since the late 1980's.  Jessica also has a background in Reiki, and Acupressure.  

Ancestral Connections

Jessica's intuitive abilities and calling to her work is also honored in her bloodline through a unique combination of Strega and Shamanic. Her maternal great, great, grandmother was a Strega in Italy; she also has Native heritage of the Yakut through her paternal line, in addition to ancestral lineage connections to Genghis Khan in both lines. She also has a combined ancestry of Polish, Slavic, French, German, Balkan, Finnish, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Mongolian roots. Her focus in Shamanic healing is Core Shamanism, combined with North American, and Siberian traditions, in addition to honoring those of her other Ancestors.

Community Work

In addition to her private practice work, Jessica also believes in returning healing to the community. She has done pro bono healing for the elderly and terminally ill individuals; she has done work with rescue felines in shelter and clinic environments, and has also worked with felines in a veterinary office setting. She has also worked with support groups, has lectured and taught workshops in local high school and college venues, participated in local community healing events, and has been a guest speaker on various radio stations. She also continues to facilitate ceremonial work dedicated to healing for the land, the Pequots, and all involved in the Pequot War as part of her shamanic practices.


Jessica is grateful for, and honors the journey of life and the Spirits, all of her mentors and colleagues, the beautiful spirits of nature, the Pequots, the Ancestors, for Jordan, who has taught her so much in life and continues to in spirit; and especially the spirits of the Stones, who have resonated with her since childhood and began her journey on the Shamanic Path.   And a very special thank you to John and Brenda from The Wizard XOXOX