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Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

* Sun Star Shamanic Healing *

Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

(Formerly Hunter Healing Hands)

Publications & Shamanic Poetry

International Publications

Image and Publication Copyright 

Society for Shamanic Practice

Shamanism Without Borders, 2nd Edition, 

is published by, and available through 

The Society for Shamanic Practice 

via print and e-book versions.  

Contributing Authors to Shamanism Without Borders, 2nd Edition, include:

*  Pamela Albee

*  Cecile Carson

*  Tom Cowan

*  Bonnie J. Horrigan

*  Jessica Buturla Hunter

*  Sandra Ingerman

*  Ana Larramendi

*  Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

*  Jose Luis Stevens

*  Lena Stevens

Journal of Shamanic Practice Publications

"Accepting Our Spiritual Allies"

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

Published: The Society for Shamanic Practice, The Journal of Shamanic Practice, April 2021

Local Publications

"Addressing All Aspects of Chronic Pain: Physical, Emotional, Energetic Suffering Soothed with Shamanic Healing"

Written by Jessica Hunter.

Published: Natural Awakenings Magazine, Fairfield County Edition, June 2017

"Psychopomp Shamanic Healing: Ancient Practices Honor and Transition Spirit"

Written by Jessica Hunter.

Published: Natural Awakenings Magazine, Fairfield County Edition, October, 2016

"Shamanic Healing Restores Balance Through Extraction"

Written by Jessica Hunter.

Published: Natural Awakenings Magazine, Fairfield County Edition, September 2015

"Crystals & Crystal Healing: Tap Inner Wisdom & Energy Through Earth's Perfect Resource"

Written by Jessica Hunter.

Published: Natural Awakenings Magazine, Fairfield County Edition, April 2015

"Power Animals: Embracing Our Natural Guardians, Teachers, & Healers Through Shamanic Healing"

Written by Jessica Hunter.

Published: Natural Nutmeg Magazine, Fairfield County Edition, February, 2015

"Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Personal Power Through Shamanic Healing"

Written by Jessica Hunter.

Published: Natural Awakenings Magazine, Fairfield County Edition, July 2014

Words of the Wild

Shamanic Poetry  

In addition to writing articles on Shamanism, Jessica has a passion for writing Poetry.  

Her Poetry is from the Shamanic perspective, and connects to the voices of nature.  

Hence, Words of the Wild...

Photo Copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

The Ancient Prophet - The Crow

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

With eyes so keen, and wings of night

I court the world with fancied flight

I am often chastised as a pest

By those who cannot see my best

I travel through both space and time

of legends, mystics, and the divine

I understand more than you know

But many see me as "just a Crow"

I have perched with Wizards, Witches, and Kings

My caw is heard with rapturous rings

My cloak is sleek, and black as night

I can disappear, or be outright

A marvelous magician of many a trick

I never reveal what makes me tick

I am often confused as friend or foe

But dearest one, did you not know?

I am so much more, than "just a Crow"

Poem Copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

The Warrior

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

Standing strong, in the face of fears

Holding the light, among all the tears

Honoring the wisdom to do what is right

With the balance of silence, and the balance of fight

When broken and weary, the knowledge of trust

With strength of the Spirit, to do what they must

Facing all odds, even when most betrayed

To stand in their power, when all is dismayed

Rising with heart, and formidable soul

On behalf of justice, and behalf of the whole

Often feared, rejected, and misunderstood

A Warrior walks among evil and good

Born with resilience, that cannot be bought

That can only be molded, by the path that is sought

A Warrior rises, and knows when to fall

And never gives up, in despite of it all

Walking the lines, on their own lonely trail

Taking knowledge from “win,” and knowledge from “fail”

A Warrior’s soul, is seen in their eyes

As they stand in the fires, of both Truth and Lies

When knocked to the ground, in hopeless defeat

Their Spirit, their Soul, - cries, “Rise, on your feet.”

Poem copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter​

Image of a painting of a Pequot Warrior

The Lone Coyote

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

I cross your path with laughs and grins

and a little bit of shenanigans

I am often labeled as the Fool

or Trickster, depending on the rule

My howl is heard from miles away

yet no one gives me time of day

For they fear my Medicine has no luck

as perception of "Trickster" is often stuck

But if you gaze into my eyes, you just may get a peek

of something that is often missed, and ever so unique

For what you perceive in appearance

is not always case at hand

One cannot judge the Lone Coyote

until they understand

Poem Copyright  Jessica Buturla Hunter

The Cat – The Regal

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

With soulful eyes, and purposeful walk

I carry my grace in body and talk

My Spirit conveys my emotions and stance

If you think you can rule me, you have no chance

I do not follow other's rules, I have my very own

For I am of the regal, and I have sat on the throne

With Deities of Egypt, far back in ancient time

Who revered me with Gold and gifts, as I am of the divine

I may give you some attention, I may walk away in strife

But If you show me true respect, I will honor you for life

Do not assume I am like a Dog, I will have nothing with that

For I am ruled by sacred Bastet, I am the regal Cat

Poem copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

The Mighty Transformer - The Snake

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

Slinking along the belly of the Mother

I emanate power unlike any other

Winding through deserts, and twisting through trees

I uplift the Spirit, or command it to freeze

My tongue is forked, and can speak both ways

I have wandered through chapters of times, and of days

My magic is sacred, I grant visions to see

there is more to what is, as Transforming can be

With scales and fangs I am revered, and respected with my right

by those in the kingdom of Nature, who are wise to see my light

Poem Copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

The Standing Soul - The Tree

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

My feet are buried beneath the earth, my arms reach towards the skies

standing in silence, formidable strength, I witness truth and lies

Sheltering those who come to me, and speaking to those who see

I stand alone or in a crowd, I am the sacred Tree

A bridge between the Upper World, and the Lower World below

a traveler finds a Journey here, in any path they go

My songs are heard upon the wind, or through a feathered friend

who rests upon my gentle boughs, and chants without an end

My trunk does hold a sea of tears, of humans who have cried

the rings inside my hearty core, hold Nations who have died

I am a solid witness, of what has been, and will be

for I am of the Standing Souls, I am the sacred Tree.

Poem Copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

The Bones of the Mother - The Stones

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

Born of the Mother, in pieces we lay

in colors of night, and brightness of day

We hold a wisdom, and stories of Earth

the Spirits inside us, have relevant worth

For we too have life, although we are still

never saying a word, without our free will

On top of a mountain, or deep in the ground

we frame the Earth, and memories profound

When you hold us, or see us as "Stones"

Remember our Mother - for we are her Bones

Stone Photo & Poem Copyright  Jessica Buturla Hunter

A Rainbow in the Darkness - Aurora Borealis

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

A rainbow in the darkness, a light that shines above

I am a sacred mystery of the wonders, dreams, and love

I shine in times of darkness, with colors all aglow

that carry sacred wisdom, that the Elders often know

For I am nature's kaleidoscope, with lights in many arrays

displayed in the depths of darkness, and absent from light of days

I am the Aurora Borealis, and my magic is quite the sight

For I am the light of the fire of Sun, among the Stars at night.

Poem Copyright  Jessica Buturla Hunter