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Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

* Sun Star Shamanic Healing *

Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

(Formerly Hunter Healing Hands)


"Great Experience!  So, I just had to say my family had the best experience with Jessica in our House Cleansing.  Jessica was referred to us after the Ghost Adventures team came to our house to film and were able to get evidence of angry spirits.  Jessica explained everything to us.  Why the spirits were angry, why they were here, what they wanted, and how she was going to cleanse the house.  Jessica never made us feel like we were crazy for what we were experiencing.  She was extremely supportive, professional, and a kind energy to be around.  Since our House Cleansing, the presence in my house has just been so calm.  I finally feel at peace in my own home.  I can't recommend Jessica enough and thank her for everything she has done for us."

- The Pellegriti Family, Ellington, CT.     Case from Ghost Adventures -  wherein the producers from the show had hired Jessica to cleanse the home after paranormal investigation had been completed.

"Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing connected with the Pequots, and the very fine story you wrote for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.  Everything you wrote down rings completely true, and I am very pleased to know of your work. Take care, and just wanted to let you know you are appreciated.  May you have a good successful life continuing your work."

- Michael Harner, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

" I have been fortunate to work with Jessica for at least 10 years...both in person and also remotely. Initially, I always worked with her in person, as it was what I was comfortable with. She is skilled, extremely intuitive and so in tune with her guides and helper Spirits. Every session that I've had with her bought a new level of healing for me, and I am truly thankful for that. She has extremely high standards, and is ethically responsible yet humble all at the same time. My recent session with her was remote due to the corona virus social distancing. I really wasn't sure how it would go, but it turned out to be both healing and enlightening at the same time. She explained things on the phone before we started the session and then did a follow up call after the session. Everything was so spot on, and afterwards I felt as if a huge burden was lifted from me! I truly recommend having Jessica help you whether it's in person or remotely. She has amazing gifts and you will be so thankful at how great you feel after your session with her."  

- LF, Shelton, CT

"I first came to see Jessica when I was in true crisis.  She generously spoke to me at length by phone before I committed to scheduling a session, as I was feeling a lot of hesitation about who I could trust, who could handle what I was struggling with, or if anyone at all could truly help me.  I was in a lot of fear, and Jessica was not the first person I called.  Jessica was completely (and thankfully!) unfazed by the crazy things I told her, which by any normal measure...could seem absolutely insane.  Our initial phone conversation gave me the confidence that she was a person with intelligence, integrity, experience, and high - level skills;  someone who I could trust during a time when I felt very afraid and vulnerable.  I am so glad I did.  After our first session together, I felt more like myself and in-myself after than I had in many months.  I felt like a fire had been put out in my central nervous system, and a weight of fear taken off my back and heart.  

It felt as though I could rest again, safely at home, grounded within myself, and a true visceral sense of ease.  After having three sessions with Jessica, one in person, and two remotely due to Covid - I can say with gratitude and certainty, that Jessica is a true healer through and through.  She is the real deal.  And her work is equally effective remotely, as it is in-person.  She is empathetic, but refreshingly no nonsense (this is very reassuring when you are totally freaking out), has pristine boundaries, and is also humble.  She is about the work, not the ego.  She also teaches you skills and exercises with which you can continue the healing work at home, which is awesome and empowering.  She works with a level of clarity, depth, and efficiency that is both fascinating, and really helpful.  She gets to the core of the issues very quickly and covers a lot of healing territory in a relatively short amount of time.  One of the most powerful takeaways from working with Jessica was the understanding that my value and worth as a human is not and should not be determined by others' wounding, behavior, or issues.  It sounds so simple and no doubt, is a notion that could be intellectually arrived at during therapy.  But this work (shamanic work) heals on many other levels beyond the intellect.  And it has been a profound healing and liberating shift for me.  I am so grateful.  I recommend Jessica's work whole-heartedly!" 

- E.M., New York, New York


"I cannot recommend this workshop enough.  Not only was Walking in the Worlds - Introduction to Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey - informative, but Jessica is such a strong, confident and intuitive teacher.  She guided me in the way that I needed and was very much in tune with me the entire weekend.  I felt completely safe, supported and protected, which is something I am so grateful for.  Jessica is truly an inspiration to me.  She has a down to earth and relatable teaching approach.  But most importantly, her integrity, devotion, and wealth of knowledge alone is reason enough for me to book another workshop!  This class had me journeying on day 1 - Jessica had equipped me with the foundational tools I needed and I took off from there.  Honestly, this was an experience I will never forget.  Jessica, thank you so much for being you and offering such an important workshop.  Again, I highly recommend this workshop to those of you who want an introduction to journeying!

- JCD, Wayne, New Jersey

"Jessica, the session was truly amazing. I am still processing it daily. It was like a relief and a blessing at the same time. A big thank you from me, my family on the other side, and of course, Gabby!" 

- I.H., Bridgeport, CT

"I believe certain people are brought to us to help us heal. Jessica is one of those jewels. After a friend recommended a Shamanic Healing session, I found Jessica via the web and booked the earliest appointment possible…my life started transforming and clearings began to happen almost immediately but I was unaware of this until my session. I was open to the experience and received far more than I ever expected - everything Jessica explained happened throughout the session was EXACTLY what had or was happening in my life. The session left me feeling lighter and extremely hopeful for the many changes that would be happening for me based on the healing session! She is the REAL deal…..authentic, talented and extremely gifted. Thank you, I will be returning for sure!"   

- B.S., Greenwich, CT

"I had a phone distance healing session with Jessica.  I'll admit I was going in skeptical doing a distance healing over the phone.  However, her work was authentic, accurate, and legitimate.  It brought up healing for some of my issues she never would have known, or would have been able to have access to knowing.  I was very grateful and surprised." 

- A.D., New Haven, CT

"Jessica is open and kind, while providing a deep level of healing and clarity. After being in therapy for anxiety and loneliness, I felt there was something more to explore on a deeper level. She has been accurate identifying my energy blocks in personal relationships and professionally with work. Jessica is dedicated and has the highest integrity for the Shamanic work in her practice. Her insights and healing are a valuable gift!" 

- A. F., Fairfield, CT

"Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I got a short psychic reading from a spiritualist of Native American (Cherokee) ancestry. The first thing she said to me was "You've had healing work done." I told her that I've been working with a Shamanic Healer (you) for over a year. She replied that you do "beautiful work." I very much appreciate all of the beautiful work that you do. Thank you for your honesty, kindness, integrity, and wisdom. You are a treasure. Looking forward to seeing you soon." 

- T.B., West Haven, CT

"Hi Jessica. Just wanted to say a massive thank you again for all that you've done to help me. I have taken more directness and protection with my life and soul and I am stronger for it." 

- L.Z., Bridgeport, CT

"Recently, I was referred to Jessica and sought her help when I was at an impass in my life, practically and spiritually. After our first session of Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Extraction, I noticed positive changes in my life. Having formal training in psychology and counseling, I am well versed in many traditions. My work with Jessica has been amongst the most valuable of any I have experienced. She is genuine, warm and truly gifted in her work." 

- N.S., Southport, CT

"During my journey work through group drumming sessions I can definitely say it has been such a spiritual awakening for me it has impacted my life forever. Jess' guidance, knowledge, safety, and caring through this process has allowed me to feel so comfortable and open it has aided me more than I ever could have anticipated in my ongoing spiritual work. I am so glad I was able to discover Jessica and it is because of her I continue to come back and explore different realms of spirituality. I am so much more aware and alive through connecting with healing energy that I simply cannot picture my life with this being absent. With Jessica as a mentor and guide, there are so many people, especially in these times, that would benefit from Jessica's experience, insight, and "Healing Hands!" 

- R.S., Stamford, CT

"I just wanted to take some time out to say thank you x100000 for the personal work you did. I feel like someone lit a fire under me. About two weeks after our appointment I started to work on an application for school. I am currently in the process of finishing it and it will be out by the end of this week (this is HUGE since I started this process in Sept of 2015). I feel like I have more direction as to where I am going and what I am doing which is a nice break from the "utterly lost" feeling I was having prior to seeing you. I also am restored to not taking crap from anyone. I am back to knowing exactly what I want and what I need and I am getting rid of the things that do not serve me. Prior to seeing you I was very hesitant in my decision making and would hold on to things that desperately needed to be let go. I cannot express my gratitude for the rejuvenation I feel about life. It’s a wonderful feeling! Tapping has help TREMENDOUSLY. I cannot believe that I failed to integrate this sooner. I am able to let go of a lot of things, as well as, develop a better understanding for certain situations. Thank you so much for teaching me how to properly tap and bringing the benefits of tapping into my life! Over all, the past few months have been full of crazy changes that I feel are directly related to our appointment. I feel like you hit the universal reset button (if there is such a thing) and that the pieces of my life started to fall into place. I am meeting more like minded people and feel as though I am getting signs that I am on the right path. Oh! A new development is that I have started to have dreams about my totem animals. They have been very vocal lately about confirming the path I am on and guiding me to where I need to be. This stuff is truly amazing and every time I experience it, it baffles me in the best way possible. After experiencing shamanic healing first hand, I am now a firm believer. It has moved mountains in very little time. I am utterly amazed. Thank you again for everything!" 

- J.M., Norwalk, CT

"Hi Jessica, I just wanted to touch base and tell you what's been going on since our meeting. It's only been a few days and amazing things have happened. I have never experienced such a spiritual healing like this and I'm amazed. You have such a gift! I feel amazing! I feel whole, in control and at peace. Those are things I haven't felt in a very long time. The signs are coming from every direction. I have clarity. I told you how I was feeling the effects of a difficult breakup. During our session, I was able to forgive him. He called me 3 days later. I'm not sure of what will come of it but, he called and it was pleasant. I feel in control of my emotions and my choices. I no longer feel like a prisoner with him. I know I would have fell apart if it wasn't for our session. Or maybe it was our session that brought him to call. In the last few days, I really learned how to just let the universe work for me and not let my ego try to control the outcome. I'm learning how to let go with grace. Thank you very much! I have been raving about you. I look forward to working with you again too! I still have a lot of work to do!" 

- J.T., Cheshire, CT

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to follow up from our healing sessions and cleansing and blessing of our restaurant on Monday. It has been so busy here since, that I have not had a chance to write you until right now! Just wanted to say thank you, again, for cleansing the restaurant. It felt so good the next morning after the cleanse when we walked in! So fresh, air lifted, strange attitudes (for the better!) and clean!!! I guess the thing with the horns went away and left us feeling wonderful thanks to you!! I think we need a nice cleansing there a few times per year, as some people can be so negative. Also, our daughter has been wonderful since her healing session. She has been using her crystals and stones you gave her, and has been reflecting, talking to God, and praying daily....what a difference a day can make!! She said "Oh yeah Mom, Jessica helped me a lot! Dad needs her too!!" So cute I laughed, kids! I see her more focused and heading into the future with a more positive outlook. Really thinking about who to value, and who is just there for the ride. Who is healthy to be around, and who is crazy or ill to be around. It's great! So just wanted to let you know we are grateful to you, and spirit as well! Have a wonderful weekend, talk soon!"

- KLP, Cheshire, CT

"Removal of evil entities from my body has had me searching for psychics and/or shamans who could help me. I was wasting my time and money on individuals misrepresenting themselves. I did not give up my search which led me to Jessica at Hunter Healing Hands. She immediately identified the problems and used her shamanic skills to remove the evil entities and then installed healing which would protect me and my body, and educated me on prevention from further intrusions. I am so pleased with the successful outcome which has finally brought me the peace I have been looking for. I definitely highly recommend Jessica." 

- A.M., Swampscott, MA

"My husband turned to Reiki during his final weeks of battle with cancer. Jessica provided much needed relaxation and tranquility. Her skill and caring nature comforted the whole family. We gained a deeper appreciation for the healing effects of the energy transfer and will be forever thankful for Jessica's impact on our lives." 

- C.W., Monroe, CT

"Jessica's work is truly incredible; I never could have imagined the multitude of positive changes that occurred after just one Shamanic Healing Session. Her gifts and talents are obvious, and she is always so generous with her knowledge; it is truly refreshing to meet someone so positive and compassionate. Through her work Jessica has helped me to restore my faith and become whole again, something I didn't think possible when I first went to see her. I always look forward to our sessions, knowing I will be even more happier and complete than before. She is truly a blessing in my life, and I am so thankful to have her help with life's difficulties." 

- M.C., Bridgeport, CT

"Jessica Hunter has a lot of integrity, and teaches and shares Reiki and Shamanic Healing with authenticity, intelligence, honesty and clarity. She is very down to earth and accessible. I am glad that our paths have crossed and that we are colleagues in the spiritual and healing arts fields. I feel confident and comfortable referring others to work with Jessica in both her healing and teaching work." 

- D.P., Ridgefield, CT